Mammafotogramma, founded in 2008, strives to find the latest in hybrid and mixed media solutions that blend and reshape conventional methods of video, animation, illustration, design, while exploring new technologies to create unique productions that surprise and innovate.

What we do

Video production of stop motion animation, traditional animation and live action, multimedia installation design and construction, interaction design for events and exhibition spaces.

Our process

At Mammafotogramma, we are equipped to manage every step of the creative process: starting with the design and planning of all original content, then continuing on to video production, construction, set-up and post-production, seeing the project through to completion from start to finish, catering also for the most complex of productions.

Our team

Our diverse and dynamically skilled team ensures a multidisciplinary approach to each project, providing a wide range of techniques and methods, while maintaining the highest level of quality and always striving for excellence in every field.

Ettore Tripodi


Cinzia Terruzzi

Graphic Designer

Marco Falatti

Modeler & animator

Federico Della Putta


Gianluca Lo Presti

Movie director

Gianluca Manciola

Architect & cartoonist

Stefano Marcinkiewicz


Rebecca Barbuscia


Giulio Masotti


Selected clients

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